Marian Apron in Black and White

If any of you have read the story of how I came up with the title of this blog, Of Ruffles and Rifles, you will remember that it has connotations to the poem, “the best laid plans of mice and men often run awry.”  And I titled my blog Of Ruffles and Rifles because this is a journey; a fantastic, frustrating, amazing, excruciating process that amounts to plans.  Plans that go as plans, plans that go better than plans, and plans that go awry.   One of the many things that went awry the last couple of weeks was this computer, which I depend on for everything blog-related quit working.  My plan was to have blog posts out the last two weeks, and last week’s post was going to be celebrating my two year blog anniversary (which occurred on Monday), culminating with my first ever GIVEAWAY, where the winner was going to be announced on my anniversary.

Which brings us to today.  So it none of that went as planned, but we can still celebrate and thank you my readers for following along on this journey.

It’s crazy to think I’ve been doing this blog thing for two years now.  On May 8th I celebrated my blog anniversary.   143 blog posts, and 592 comments later, I’m still here.  With great fear and simple obedience, I published my first post When Beauty Invades the Process, and held my breath. Would anyone like it?  Would anyone read it besides my mom? Would it really impact anyone?

And while the process has been slow but steady in the midst of my own life, I have found it to be an incredible outlet of inspiration.  I am ever so grateful for this space, to be faithful with what the Lord has given me. For those of you who have followed from the beginning, you have no idea of your love and support and how much it means to me.  For those of you who comment, it means the world to me.  For those of you who pin and share, thank you!  For those of you who are just discovering this space, welcome, I am so glad you are here!

In an effort to celebrate this two year anniversary I am going to be sharing some of my favorite projects and my first ever GIVEAWAY.

I have decided to feature one of my greatest resources of creativity today, my favorite thrift store.  Not all thrift stores are created equal.  You may have noticed I mention thrift stores a lot here on this blog.  They provide an very economical source to practice my creativity.  If you are a thrifter, I’m sure you have your favorites too.  I have thrift stores I regularly shop at once a week.  I also have coded one particular thrift store as “my favorite” thrift store throughout many of my posts.

It is my favorite for many reasons.  First of, it doesn’t feel, look, or smell like a typical thrift store.  Seriously, I think others should take note.  Instead, it is a clean, well-organized store, full of incredibly creative displays that only further inspiration for things to become.  Sometimes the sheer creativity in the displays at the store make my heart giddy.  If I have a few minutes, my car inadvertently turns in their direction every single time.  The staff is friendly, and it’s just a fun, inspiring place to be.

Thrifters Rock

Thrifters Rock

This gem of a store is called Thrifter’s Rock, it’s first location is located near Midtown Estates on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway in Palmer, Alaska.  Their Facebook link can be found here.  And they recently opened a second store in Wasilla in the Meta Rose Square.

Thrifters Rock

Another thing I love about Thrifters Rock, is its cause.  They are a non-profit, and all their proceeds go towards building their ever-expanding church campuses and missions.  How great is that!?!  Even if I happen to buy something that I don’t end up using, I don’t feel bad, because I’m supporting their church.  It’s a win, win.

Thrifters Rock

Thrifters Rock

In my house, we always have a bag being filled with various items to take to the thrift store.  I drop it off at Thrifters Rock in the back, and then drive around front to shop.  I like to support them on both sides.

Thifters Rock

Today I am showcasing my favorite things I’ve gotten from my favorite thrift store, Thrifters Rock.  And I am doing my first ever GIVEAWAY!  This is in no way sponsored by Thrifters Rock or Church On the Rock, I just happen to really like them and their cause.  And their store has been the source of many of my blog posts.

So today’s post is a trip down memory lane, looking at all the amazing things I have created from Thrifters Rock.  You may click on each title underneath the photo to see the before shots.  A lot of them are not even recognizable!

Then be sure to see how you can enter Of Ruffles and Rifles first ever GIVEAWAY!

French Chair with Milk Paint and Grain Sack Upholstery

The French Chair

Vintage Children's Table and Chairs set for a tea party

The Little Table and Chairs

Calendar ChalkboardThe Calendar Frame

Pottery Barn Inspired Embroidered Throw Pillow

Pheasant Throw Pillow

Milk Glass Pedestal and a Pretty Chandelier

Milk Glass Pedestal & Entryway Light

Green Velvet Pillow

Green Velvet Pillow

Oak Nighstands

Oak Night Stands & Train Quilt

Marian Apron

Marian Apron

Lace Border Tank Top

Lace Tank Top

A thrifted wooden serving tray is painted inspired by an antique grainsack in Miss Mustard Seed's milkpaint for an updated look || Ruffles and Rifles

Grainsack Serving Tray

Nordic Ski Coat Rack

Wooden Ski Coat Rack

Ruffles Defined Apron

Ruffles Apron

Rocking Horse

The Rocking Horse

Velvet Tufted Ottoman

Velvet Tufted Ottoman

I hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane and some of the fun creative projects I have embarked on.  I want to invite you to participate in my first ever GIVEAWAY.  I am going to give one lucky winner the choice of a $25 gift card to Thrifters Rock, OR a Marian Apron (in black and ivory, made from home décor fabric purchased from Thrifters Rock, pictured below).

Marian Apron in Black and White

To enter, all you need to do is follow these three easy steps:

1) Leave a comment on my blog saying whether you’d like the gift card or apron and what is your favorite thing you’ve found thrifting or something you’re hoping to find.

2) Sign up to receive my email subscriptions if you aren’t a subscriber already. (You can find the subscription link on the side bar or below the post, depending on your device).

3) Follow this link on Rafflecopter to be entered to win.

Marian Apron in Black and White

The drawing closes Sunday night. A winner will be announced next week.  Good luck!  I am seriously wishing you all could win!

Thanks for reading, supporting, encouraging, and joining me on this journey these last two years. I truly couldn’t have imagined how amazing it would be.

*This GIVEAWAY is now closed.*