The Frame That Became

I think as I’ve entered the blog world, I have felt this internal pressure to want to post the amazing things.  The room make-over reveals, the furniture makeovers, amazing costumes or original design.  And while those things are fun and amazing and get the wow effect, I never want to belittle the small things that come together and make the whole.  Because, life is made of a puzzle of little things, and only when they come together do they make that beautiful picture.

So with that being said, I am going to share with you one thing I have hanging on my wall.  Just one.  Not an entire kitchen makeover, or an amazing photo wall gallery, just one thing on a busy wall in the kitchen where I tend to spend a lot of my time.  The kitchen seems to be a main event several times daily at our house; our four boys have an appetite to out-eat me on any given day and they’re not even teenagers!

Calendar Chalkboard 2

I’m one of these people that use technology because it’s a means of life these days.  I don’t love it.  I use it, and like many probably spend too much time interacting with it.  But one thing that remains old fashioned in my house is my calendar.  I like my calendar on my wall to see what a month looks like as it plays out.

A couple of years ago I found this all wood frame at a thrift store for $7.  I snatched it up, because nearly anything not involving pressboard is a modern day miracle.  I brought it home, not knowing what I was going to do with it.  But then at some point I put it up on our kitchen wall around my calendar.  Being long and skinny, it frames most any calendar well.  It was originally a reddish stain and that gold.  So I took a latex paint sample (yes it was in the days before I had become well acquainted with milk paint) and made over the red-stain.  I may eventually paint over the gold too, but for now I like the contrast.

Calendar Chalkboard 1

At the beginning of this year, I had the brilliant idea of rather than searching for a calendar I actually like, (which is this tortuous event for me each December/January), I would make the frame into a trendy chalkboard and buy a $1 (that’s right folks, $1) plain jane calendar from Target.

I had a vision, but before my husband got around to cutting a piece of plywood for me to paint with chalkboard paint (I painted three layers), I used two pieces of chalkboard paper I had bought several years ago from JoAnns for about six months.  And I’m telling you, I get more compliments on that silly thrifted frame being around my calendar!  It’s the little things…

Calendar Chalkboard 3

So, I do love the chalkboard look too.  I remember in high school, when chalkboards weren’t cool (in the 90s), I bought one at a little store, because they looked “old fashioned”.  So it may be a trend, but I’ve been a vintage, chalkboard lover since I can remember.

Calendar Chalkboard 5

I have a verse up on the chalkboard now, I’m not amazing at chalkboard art yet, but it is fun, even for a non-artist.  We also have a point reward system going on the board for our boys so they can see and hopefully stay motivated.

Calendar Chalkboard 4

May you find the one thing on the wall inspiring.  What can you do with a thrifted frame?

P.S. I know all you detailed oriented people are bothered because my calendar says December.  Yes, I know it’s not December.  It was the only month that didn’t have writing on it, and it just felt a little weird to share my personal calendar with the world.

Thanks again for stopping by!


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