Tailored Apron

Today I have another original apron design to show you.  This is one of the three I designed for my mom last Christmas  (the first one was the Embellished Apron).  It also happens to be her favorite.  I chose a royal blue cherry blossom home décor print from fabric.com.  I like to use home décor weight fabrics for aprons, because they protect better than a lightweight cotton.  The aprons I make are meant to be practically functional, as well as pretty.

My pattern design was inspired by sophisticated jackets.  I wanted to it be tailored looking, like something you could feel you could speak to hundreds of people in, but actually resume working wonders in the kitchen.

Tailored Apron 6

Tailored Apron 5

I used contrasting black piping on the bodice which adds structure and class.

Tailored Apron 3

I found the 6 brass buttons at a thrift store.  (I love rummaging thrift stores for eye-catching buttons.  They’re great to have on hand for when inspiration hits).

Tailored Apron 7

I also used contrasting black and white striped fabric I had on hand for the for the ties.  I also lined the bodice part in the stripes, although I forgot to photograph it.

Tailored Apron 4

Tailored Apron 2

I’m pretty sure my mom could film a cooking show in this apron.  It turned out rather stunning.

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