2017 Favorites

Happy New Year everyone!  This was the first New Years that I actually saw midnight in a long time.  Actually, I was busy working on a dog bed project, coming soon to a blog near you, while watching re-run episodes of Psych with my husband, whereupon we accidentally stumbled onto midnight, gave each other a kiss and promptly went to bed.  But hey, we made it to midnight!

As tradition holds, we will start off the year with a review of the favorites of the year prior.  So if you are new around here, enjoy getting caught up.  If you’ve been here since the beginning, stick around for a trip down memory lane and remember some inspiration or encouragement to take into the New Year.

2017 Favorites

Usually, I stick to the quintessential top 10 favorites.  I’m adding one this year, simply because one post became my theme of the year.  It became me preaching to myself, over and over again.  And the moments I wanted to throw it all away, I would preach to myself again.  Be faithful with what’s in your hands.  Nothing more, nothing less.  My first post, Faithful Ones was a theme I had to walk out over and over through 2017.

I also started finding my voice, my groove, and you may have noticed that most posts weren’t just sewing, or just furniture, or just a devotional.  More and more, it all is coming together.  And this post was one of them,  New Little Furniture and Desires of the Heart.

Vintage Children's Table and Chairs set for a tea party

There were a couple of tutorials that made the Top 10, and the Rosette Lamp Tutorial was one of them.  I’m not sure it’s because people were excited to try it, or because they were wowed by the sheer insanity of making 250 rosettes for a lamp.  At any rate, I still love the lamp.

Eiffel Tower Rose Lamp

In March, I finished a very simple makeover of some thrifted candlesticks, and that silly French Country Candlestick Makeover received a lot of attention.  I usually switch decor out a lot, however, these have managed to stay on the organ with all sorts of different arrangements, I really like them a lot.

Candlesticks restored to French Country Decor

In June I made this New Linen Throw and a Tutorial, inspired by Tammy Damore at The Cultivated Home‘s gorgeous Instagram feed.  This post is particularly dear to me, not only did you all like it, through it, I gained some more blogger friends, which are some of the most encouraging of all.

Linen Throw

Probably one of the posts that brought me the most joy, was Collecting Vintage Glassware and How to Make Them Shine.  It was fun staging it, but your resounding response, from applauding the practical tips, to friends finding me more pieces and volunteering to mail them to Alaska, it made my heart happy.  I love hearing from you!  It makes me feel connected all the more to you the reader.

Collected Vintage Glasware

In the midst of all the fun and pretties, the reality of hard life was embraced in this post.  When Summer is Masked by Storms was written not only about our beloved puppy Caspian, but an epic storm was walking through.  We all walk through storms, this one is strength for the weary.

Caspian the Puppy

It brought me great joy to complete my first furniture project in years.  This sewing desk was in the top 2 of this year.  If you haven’t seen it, please have a look at the Inspired Sewing Desk.  The mid-century mod before is unrecognizable.  And the fun thing is, I get to enjoy it pretty much every day!

Sewing Desk

There were a couple of designs for my daughter that reached overwhelming applause.  What Repurposed Soles Taught Me About the Purpose of Our Souls are not only the cutest ever velvet button up boots, but it gets down to the core, what is the purpose of your soul?  What are you made for?

Black Velvet Button Boots

You guys blew me away in this post.  It was one of those that I posted and I felt like running, will anyone like it?  But what I received was an overwhelming tidal wave of mutual encouragement.  I think this post, solidified my voice, who I am as a unique blogger in the sea of countless blogs.  Highland Christmas in the Master was a culmination of years of inspiration and dreaming, an effort of sewing and designing, and an illustration for a greater truth all wrapped in one.

Highland Christmas in the Master

Lastly was the A Little Plaid Dress and the Gift of Lack, a story about the dress I made my daughter for Christmas, and the creative gift given in the places of lack. It’s a sweet story, and my favorite dress to date.

Christmas Dress

Did  you have a favorite this year?  A post that inspired you or particularly spoke to you?  I would love to hear!

Thank you, for following along, thank you for your likes, shares and especially your comments.  I love hearing from you and connecting with you all!

Happy New Year, and I will be back, talking about the particularly unique year we have in store.