Vintage Sled Turned Coffee Table

Several of Christmases ago, my husband and I were hosting a Christmas party for his work.  We always love to really bless the staff at Set Free Alaska who pour our their lives in helping people overcome addiction.  They are an incredible team of people.  So I of course had fun making the house beautiful.  I wanted them to feel blessed and pampered.  While my husband majored on the prime rib and bacon wrapped dates, I also made a delectable salad, and did I mention dessert?  It was a lot of fun!

Something we lacked a couple of years ago were supplemental pieces of furniture that we have now as I repurposed used-up thrifted finds.  One of the pieces that we needed was a place for a drink station.  So I made a make-shift buffet out of a baby changing table and a piece of reclaimed wood for the surface.  It worked really well and with greenery and candles it looked so festive.

Christmas Tablescape 3

Another thing we lacked was a coffee table for the living room.  Hosting a Christmas party for just the adults, I thought it would be nice to have a place to put hot drinks, nuts, and desserts without having to hold a cup all evening.  This is when I came up with the idea of doing a very festive coffee table, turning a vintage sled to do the job.


I took an end table we had in the family room and flipped it upside down and placed the runners of a vintage sled from our porch in between the legs of the table.  Suddenly it was a very festive coffee table.  I wouldn’t want this around with kids present, the paint on the runners should really be sealed, and the metal rails seem like a bit of a hazard for children, but for adults just sitting and mingling, it is a rustic, creative statement piece.  Sadly, I neglected to take any photos.  So I thought I would remake the coffee table as creative inspiration for others out there.



Originally I used a lot of cedar and evergreen in between the upside down ledges.  For this staging opportunity, I thought I would branch out of my typical blue and white color scheme and go red, black and white.  I actually just covered and pinned fabric I have to existing pillows (ssshhh, don’t tell).  I’ve been picking up fabric here and there in this color scheme from thrift stores with the hopes that someday when I actually design my master bedroom, it will be neutral so that I can do this at Christmas.





vintage-coffee-table-7And as I ran around quickly staging and photographing in between caring for a sick boy, feeding an infant and the three hours of allotted Alaskan daylight, I found some snowflakes I had purchased at Target from the dollar section.  What perfect coasters they make on this piece!  But, I ran out of time to do an entire new photo session, so one is all you get.


If you need an extra table or surface for your Christmas entertaining this year, pull out that vintage sled, flip over an end table and you will have the most festive coffee table ever.

Next I’ll begin sharing our Christmas décor…

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