Christmas Décor in the Living and Dining Room

Oh how I love Christmas décor.  I knew this year would be different, having an infant changes the schedules of everyday life. I actually started decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving this year, which was a first for me.  But I knew it would take time, in short increments here and there.

I also took a different approach to decking my house out this year.  First off, it feels very simple.  We have a bigger house, and so the décor I had is considerably more spread out.  But also, holding my precious gift-baby-girl changes the reality of what is important in this season.  So I took to heart something I have watched my friend do in her house over the years.  She is an artist, seriously, I wish you all could see the things she puts her hands to.  Out of the box, amazing creativity.  But as we’ve been friends and neighbors the past 11 years or so, I watched her decorate her home.  And while it was always amazing, a wonderland of ingenious, beautiful creativity, it also was always changing a bit.  And I learned something from her.  The process of decorating can be just as beautiful as the finished product. It doesn’t have to be done to be beautiful.


I guess it’s a bit like our lives.  God shifting, healing, pruning.  Making us, His workmanship a little more beautiful day by day.  But each day is a gift of its own.


So as I approached decorating this year, I didn’t feel the need to hurry up and get it done.  I did little bits at a time, and each addition was enjoyed.  Little vignettes evolved and became.  Nativities were placed here and there.  The nativity stable below became while playing with the décor boxes I had on the shelves, turned sideways, the lid placed on the side and a little wooden star ornament from Israel becomes the star of Bethlehem.  (My eight-year-old son comments, “I like what you did with the box Mom.”  Melted my heart that he noticed the creative details).


Bottle brush trees were added to the vintage train set on the built in shelves…


Honestly, if I all the time and a ridiculous décor budget, I would probably cover every area imaginable with cedar wreaths and garlands.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the smell and the lacey look of the draping evergreen.  It’s just so stunning.  I did buy one garland from Lowes and wrapped it around our dining room chandelier, over the organ and a a ledge in the kitchen.  It’s dry to the touch now, but I’m not gonna fuss over changing it out this year.  Because, with an infant, I’ve decided to just enjoy the time my little girl is a baby, and do less.  Honestly, we will remember time spent more than the lack of décor that one year, and so I am focusing on that.

Do you remember as a child, gazing at the tree and squinting your eyes to make the lights explode and twinkle?  Maybe that’s why we love the photos of a tree and blurry lights…we still have a childlike wonder and excitement in a dreamland of Christmas.



I decorated the upstairs tree in all white this year.  I had most of the decorations, added a few new ones, like the white beaded balls from Lowes, and the Anthropologie swan.




Then I took some thrifted ponderosa pine cones and painted the tips white for the look of snow.  I love those pine cones, it reminds me of the little town in Northern California where most of my elementary school days were spent.  We played amongst the ponderosa pine forest everyday.  I also added some frosted snowy white evergreen picks, just to give more of an illusion of white and snow.  The more white and light these dark days, the better!




I hope you’re getting close to the end of your to-do list these days, so you enjoy your gift of time with those you love this holiday season!


Merry Christmas…and still more to come.