Fall Décor and Some Hints On Seasonal Decorating

If you’re one who follows other blogs out there, you know I am way behind on getting my fall décor post up.  The funny thing is, I keep reading, ‘it’s not really fall yet, but…’, and here in Alaska, we’re in full blown fall, and mostly likely by the end of the week, the trees will be mostly bare, the ground gold, and looking for the first covering of white.  Our season of fall is short, and I mean SHORT.  Usually, depending on the wind and how fast the temperatures drop, we get 1-3 weeks of fall and that’s it.  So we savor the warm colors, the cool crisp air, the smell of the cranberries, the mountains turning red from the tundra becoming scarlet, and brace ourselves for the frosting of white soon to come.  The mountains have already experienced their “termination dust” several times, as we endearingly term the first mountain’s snow.  Change is in the air.

fall 2

I love fall, and really I have yet to hear anyone say the contrary.  It’s so gorgeous, and the anticipation of snuggling in a cozy throw and sipping cider is just so inviting.  We may never be ready for winter, however, we can savor the beauty and the change that it does bring, and anticipate the holidays’ soon arrival.


As I have taken glimpses of other blogs out there dressed for fall, I am amazed at all the work that some people put forth.  I didn’t decorate my entire house for fall, but I do want to show you some hints for dressing your house with the season.  For many years I resisted a lot of seasonal decorating, besides Christmas.  At the risk of being cheesy, with dusty, fraying silk flowers, and plastic replica images, I would rather just remain classic.

I have learned a couple secrets to decorating seasonally on a budget.  The first is, shop after the season sales.  Look at the clearance section after every season is done.  I think 80% of my seasonal decorating is done this way.  You have to have a bit of delayed gratification, but it is so fun to pull it out the next year and find the “new” thing you got for half off or more.  Also, if you buy something out of season, and you can make it work for another season!  I bought these antique looking aqua candle stick holders for a couple dollars each at Target after Christmas one year, and they are one of my favorites!   You saw them earlier adorning my vintage French mirror, now they welcome us in the entryway.  I make them work for many different seasons.

Fall Decor 3

The next thing is, give yourself permission, within your budget to get one new thing (it doesn’t have to be big) for your seasonal décor.  Something that makes the room pop, or affords yourself a smile every time you walk by.  This year my new fall purchase was a pair of these green toile birds.  I found them at a thrift store for $2.50 each, but it ties together the earth tone fall décor I have going this year so splendidly.  Last year, I got these pumpkins for free as hand-me-downs.

Fall Decor 1


Fall decor 2

I will confess, I actually bought a second fall décor item.  After I decorated the organ, it just seemed like something was missing.  So I got this little bouquet of wheat, and now, it pops.

Fall decor 9


Fall Decor 11

Fall Decor 13

Also, use what you have and shift it around.  I think every season I shift and change things.  The funny thing is, I don’t love change, however, there is something so alluring about refreshing your living space with color, and texture.  Like you’re bringing life to the space rather than living in stagnant pools. (Okay, so that was a bit “Anne-ish” and dramatic, but if you hadn’t noticed, I am passionate about creating).  Use cake plates and old books to create variations of height.  Look for things that very in texture. That all brings interest to the eye.

Fall Decor 5

Fall Decor 8

The above photo was taken last fall.  I had strictly browns and whites on the organ last year (and my son’s 1st birthday cake).  I loved it, but this year with the “new” vintage mirror, I switched it up.

One more thing, don’t feel confined to use traditional colors.  I first used the blue and green fall color scheme 11 years ago, and I LOVED it.  And I still do.  I brought it back from the warm fall colors after I changed my living area colors last year.

Fall Decor 12

Thanks for following along!  And happy fall decorating!


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